Cyber Samurai

The Cyber Samurai have a mission to protect Degens from Rug Pulls and bring harmony to the Metaverse. They are considered Military Nobility of DeFi, however they serve Institutions, Whales, Fish, and Shrimp of DeFi alike.


What are the Cyber Samurai?

The Samurai are digitable collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. The NFTs in our collection will accrue additional value through various avenues. NFTs are bringing the masses to Solana, and we want to help provide exposure to premier Solana projects via our digital artwork, comics, and merch.

Genesis Collection

Our Genesis Collection consists of 5,000 unique algorithmically generated 8-bit Samurai Warriors. Each Samurai Warrior has a unique set of traits and accessories, or none at all. Rarity charts and a full list of minted warriors will be released at the time of minting. We have several aidrops and other surprises planned to bring immediate value to the holders of our Genesis Collection.

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Samurai Cards

We are running auctions for the limited edition Samurai Cards leading up to the minting of our Genesis Collection. Samurai Cards are the equivalent of a governance token, but for the narrative of the subsequent comic book. Essentially, each card-holder will have access to a gated discord channel where they can discuss what will happen in the first edition of the Cyber Samurai comic book. Each Samurai card also entitles the holder to a guaranteed allocation for our Generative Genesis Collection.

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  • Samurai Card Auctions

  • Custom Commissions

  • Genesis Collection lottery on Raydium DropZone

  • Drop Box NFT redemption for Samurai NFT

  • Secondary Marketplace Launch

  • Rarity Analysis

  • Token Explorer for the entire Genesis Collection

  • Airdrops for hodlers and early supporters

  • Storyboading and narrative building for comic book

  • Evolving cards and token burning model

  • Comic book release

  • Series 2 card design

  • Begin planning second comic book

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